Valentine’s Day

I took it upon myself to make this one count. This is the first real valentine’s day from conner and i haven’t had any good ones so i wanted this to be special for me too. I went to Barnes & Nobles to get some erotic books to spice things up because you wanted them. i went all out and got a card and wrote in “our book”. I clean up my room and made a fort with all my blankets and pillows and worked really hard on it. I was so nervous when you walked in and i was so happy that you loved it.

yes i loved the flowers, they were so beautiful. Thank you a thousand times over

but, i was sad. i was sad that you didn’t even get a card for me. how pathetic am i? i couldn’t help to think about it, i know that you always take me out to dinner and all but it make me so sad. i just wanted our first valentines day to make me feel loved and feel better because I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time and I’ve had an awful week.


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